Drug Crimes

Don’t be a victim of the government’s war on drugs. A drug charge can ruin a person’s life. In federal cases, it can involve a long prison sentence because of the mandatory minimum sentences. For example, the mandatory minimum sentence for possession of 5 grams or more of pure methamphetamine with intent to sell carries a 5 year mandatory minimum.

Police and federal agents often want to turn a simple possessor into an informer, further endangering the individuals and their families. Frequently they will charge personal possession of drugs as possession with intent to sell.
The Law Offices of Wegman & Associates in Los Angeles, California will fight for you. We’ve been fighting for the rights of people for years and we have always been defense lawyers protecting our clients’ freedom.

We believe good criminal defense involves investigating both the facts and the conduct of the police.
Drug crimes defense firm The Law Offices of Wegman & Associates are talented, tough advocates who are totally committed to do battle with the government.

At the The Law Offices of Wegman & Associates in Los Angeles, California, we are determined to protect the constitutional rights of our clients who have been targeted in the “war on drugs.” We represent clients facing drug arrests anywhere in Los Angeles County.

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We Defend All State and Federal Drug Crimes:
  • drug possession
  • possession of drug paraphernalia
  • distribution or possession with intent to distribute
  • conspiring to distribute, sell, or transport drugs
  • cultivation of marijuana
  • selling marijuana
  • manufacture of methamphetamine, (meth labs and other drug labs)
  • possession of chemicals used to make drugs (precursors), like Sudafed or ephedrine pills, acetone, and Freon
  • forgery of prescriptions for drugs
  • drug trafficking
  • drug importation
  • drug smuggling

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